when dreams flock

and so my subconscious made fun of me again. going to some weird inoculation against what they called ‘summer disease’ (in a very strange place, and i had forgotten my ID and thus the whole thing failed), i happened to get to a teacher’s congress. where the teachers were dressed like mediaeval dignitaries and some – […]

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roses and tomatoes

roses are green and red, and yellow, and orange. tomatoes are green and red and yellow and orange. roses smell nice. tomatoes smell nice. now, how come, we do not put tomatoes in a vase, and do not eat roses for salad? ======================================= my dead mother inhabits my dreams, mutely disappearing at the most odd […]

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the weather makers

they say, one swallow does not make a summer. does a flock (oh dear, do they flock at all?) of larks make a spring? or does a daffodil, for that matter? but spring is in the air, and all the little critters acknowledge it by chirp, jump or scurry. the bigger critters get unserious. and this […]

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another conjunction

even if living here, one is supposed to be proud of the winters with their cold and snow and blizzards and ice and whatnot, and sort of look down on the ‘southern softies’, i sometimes think that a more temperate climate would be an advantage. i am bored by monochrome. i want daffodils. but the […]

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summarily a-b-c

tomorrow january will be over. so, this far: A) the Term paper presentations went reasonably well. part because my head of department clean forgot the invitation (i do think she missed loads of fun), and so the atmosphere was quite informal, yet shot with academic trends; part because i have the best students in the […]

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