nakts cirkus – fragments

(no tikko topošā tulkojuma: Erin Morgenstern::Night Circus) Tumsa un zvaigznes Ar biļeti rokā tu iestājies garā rindā, kas dodas iekšā cirkū, un gaidot savu kārtu vēro melnbaltā pulksteņa ritmiskās kustības. Aiz biļešu kases vienīgā izeja ir smags, svītrots aizkars. Cilvēki pa vienam vien iziet tam cauri un pazūd. Kad pienāk tava kārta, tu pavelc audumu […]

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experimental rhyming

you won’t believe me – i was actually looking for the ‘Last Unicorn’ e-book, when i stumbled upon this my uncouth attempt of translating John Donne’s “Hymn to God the Father“. and then i thought- why not? so here it goes. i still find the poem incredibly powerful and expressive. Džons Danns, Himna Dievam Tēvam […]

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the fly by william blake

  i did this way back, in my student years, because the translation that was, was so effeminate that it lost the brisk efficiency of the game of life and death, and the moment of awareness of both. so here it goes – in eng and in lv. Little Fly, Thy summer’s play My thoughtless […]

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fragments of beowulf in latvian

well.. just for fun, i publish here a little bit of  what i do in my free time – it is a bloody hobby, i understand – and totally useless. enjoy. Saxon verse Latvian prose ða wæs on burgum     Beowulf Scyldinga, leof leodcyning,     longe þrage folcum gefræge     (fæder ellor hwearf, aldor of earde),     oþþæt him […]

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Ted Hughes   At the bottom of the Arctie Sea, they say. Or ‘‘Terrible as an army with banners.’’ If I wait, I am a castle Built with blocks of pain. If I set out A kayak stitched with pain. Teds Hjūzs Arktikas jūras dibenā, kā stāsta. Vai ‘‘Šausmīga kā kaŗapulks ar karogiem’’ Ja gaidīšu, […]

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