what students write

one of those moments in a teacher’s life. those moments. when the truth is spoken by the lips of the infants. terrible truth, too. from a student’s paper, analysing translation: He (Newmark, 1988) has categorized cultural words in five groups; words related to: Ecology; Material culture (food, clothes, transport, etc.) Social culture (work and leisure); Organisations, […]

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today’s surprise

i wanted to post about something else. but then this turned up. now i am enjoying some surprisingly decent poetry. quote Then Destiny’s Father, grizzled deathless might, Arose up lordly from his sacred throne- In godly throng yet still a noble sight, This warning message spoke in sombre tone: “To life a new eternal light […]

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Sixteen. Word thief

to be a translator is to be a thief of words. to go out, into the peopled streets and the public transport full of language carriers. to listen, and to capture words, intonations, expressions. to sort them out, like butterflies, into genres and categories, and fill scrapbooks with them. and then, sometimes, just sit and […]

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translation attempts

this one is almost the most brilliant song of all i have ever heard. here, my faint attempt at translation to latvian (see below) . the eng version – one of them – here. Es žēlastības pasargāts un svētīts – viss pārējais ir pēkšņi nesvarīgs; Dievs ir ar mums no vakara līdz rītam, Viņš mūs […]

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