Madness of clouds

The water drops Are round as they fall, They sing of invisible things; Then comes the splash, The thud, the crash in the mud: Small quartz crystals scatter Impatient to become static. A maple leaf burns In the late September sun Brown at the edges And falls. The asphalt stretches solid, Rough and so grey […]

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Let me select, From a list, uninterrupted, A sheet of moonlit rain, Add hail And welcome you to the darker days. The leatherly leaves Have left, unrecovered, Their posts up high And blackbirds Compete with starlings and crows. Untie my eyes So that we see, unchallenged The song of going under, And stay Still amongst […]

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january, probably, 23

Люди соединяют разделенные немыслимыми расстояниями планеты, но часто неспособны преодолеть крошечный отрезок между сердцами. Между душами. Между двумя огоньками, что тянутся друг к другу, но почему-то не сливаются в общий костер.   И нельзя сказать однозначно, почему так происходит, нельзя создать единое правило, потому что в каждом случае огонькам мешает что-то свое. people make connections […]

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one of the nice things about living in a suburb, are the stars. tonight there were so many stars in the dark-dark-blue of the sky. like so many worlds, open. believe, know, and enter. and the geese flew over the city in skeins.

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i got off the bus, and walked some time in the frozen (minus 18 C) countryside, under the lampless sky, over the crisp, squeaky snow. the sky is frozen coal, filled with stars. the stars are extra-large and extra-close, and extra-many, this far from the city. i suddenly felt back in august, under a different […]

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