linguistics and funerals

This post has a very good point. Both about syntax and how linguistics happens to people. I quote: No, don’t be shocked that syntax could be on my mind on such an occasion [mother’s funeral]. A linguist’s brain does not cease making linguistic observations on entering a crematorium chapel. As I recently explained in a piece over […]

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the beginning

i remember this song from when i was just a beginner pilgrim. not that i have moved very far from there now. things have become…different since then. i have more knowledge and less courage. some of the translucence of the first steps has been lost. some steady peace has been gained. and yet – his […]

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eighteen – the unexpected

for a moment think – there is this scene slightly after the birth of jesus. and you are there. as one of those personages who do not get named in the scriptures. like an animal, or a person in the street. would you see just a baby and loads of commotion? or maybe just the […]

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three chrysanthemums in a vase/the roses are all wilted long ago;//do not come to me, seek me no more,/what has been, is all passed and gone there was a time when your eyes/held my gaze so tightly,//but now, in these dark autumn nights/all i have is a sad smile. she who comes first, will have […]

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