Twenty. Gifts

i am part of a denomination which has a very strange attitude to women. women in general are, not unlike the children of the victorian era, to be seen, but not heard. women who think about ministry, however little, are to be walked through like they did not exist at all. yes, there are few […]

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before entropy is victorious

we still can manage to look at those we value high, and tell them that we do. we still have the days, and hours, and minutes, to befriend those we care for. we are alive, and can live now – not tomorrow, not yesterday. the ever now is the kairos, is where the divine is. […]

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hogfather – high definition (or why the sun will not rise)

terry pratchett  is, and will be, one of my all-time favourite authors who, possibly, can do no wrong in a literary creative sense. his books are precise, observant, real, witty, scathing, clever, unforgettable and extremely well formulated. films, of course, are not books. films are too visual. in addition, any film featuring anyterry pratchett work, will be […]

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