well watch this

Which Star Wars Character Are You? Your Result: Yoda You are a passive green creature with a speech impediment. You always try to find a peaceful resolution to your problems, but also aren’t afraid to kick some ass if you need to. Luke SkyWalker Jar Jar Binks Princess Leia Han Solo Darth Vader Boba Fett […]

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thats what life is

Я проверил свои знания русского языка и получил пятерку. Сходи, проверься? actually, i refreshed page and it gave me this… before it was a 4 with one mysterious mistake.

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curious, just curious

Your Dating Style: Committed Relationship You are all about being in a committed long term relationship. You are all about the love and security that it brings. ‘What is your dating style?’ at QuizGalaxy.com

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triceratrops is a Tiny Robot that seeks Kittens, travels on Two Rollers, is fitted with a Pickaxe and a Welding Torch, and runs on 20 AA Batteries. Force: 1 Handling: 7 Weaponry: 5 To see if your Battle Robot can defeat triceratrops, enter your name and choose an attack: fights triceratrops using Force Handling Weaponry

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I am evil. Khe.

You are 40% evil You are not so evil. You are overall a nice person, although I wouldn’t want to get on your bad side. You have an extravagant imagination. Take this quiz at QuizGalaxy.com

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