some green thing on the balcony

these, then, and a little pretty thyme plant that avoided picture, and some more mint, grow on my balcony. i really like the tomato plant who has been very diligent and tomato. the mint also is growing proud. and of course the aztec marigolds.. those just thrive on the sun and my forgetfulness. the basil […]

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floral disaster

now, here is a thing. in case you have some potted plants you want to do a genocide against, try this – send them to me to a death camp. whatever i try, whatever i do, the plants just keep dying on me. the heather died in september.

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a little bit of closeups

well. i like the seeing of the picture… i’m just too bad at photography. and i have some prejudices, like avoiding taking pictures of humans, and totally abhorring  pictures being  taken of my precious self. i think photos remove parts of my soul, and it hurts. and i think i have the right, same as any other tribesperson, […]

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