the last full moon

someone took all that sunlight and crammed into the moon. no, i have disremembered how it felt to raise my muzzle toward that ball and release my emptiness ina linear sound. i lost my grey claws among lady’s mantles, trapped in the dew. hollow, a shell howled by night’s breeze this is how i freeze […]

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all through the night

when the moon dives for the horizon, i slowly infest my bed, sprawling in every direction, anchoring every little tendril, every tentacle firmly, so that i will not be budged, not again, on this tossing and turning sea of sleep. —————————- and i dream thus:  

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some day

it all started yesterday, when the sewage pipe got blocked. (i think this is a brilliant beginning of a horror story, don’t you find?) then the water got cut off. then, in the morning, the water returned, luckily. and then, i was almost in time for the lectures, but the printer broke down, and the […]

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it sure will be snowing soon*

the smell of raw earth, and peony, reminiscences come and go, tonight again i will walk among the dead. blind moon, expiring, looks at  the frozen fields; tonight again i will be lost to the memories. down, down and under the dead sleep, the roots rot; i refuse to question the fallen petals beneath my […]

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it is simply complicated

the moon, a pale scimitar, over the swollen waters of the river.  i think of how one can be in love with god. and why it is so bizarre and incomprehensible in the eyes of others to be in love with god. is it because ppl think one can love only what one can see, […]

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