monday, february 18

got up at 5 tried to work went to bed at 6 was woken at 8 do not remember what i said someone else called at half nine i think i sent them somewhere, hopefully politely fell asleep at 10 or so got up at 11 started the laundry fell back in my bed totally […]

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the beginning

i remember this song from when i was just a beginner pilgrim. not that i have moved very far from there now. things have become…different since then. i have more knowledge and less courage. some of the translucence of the first steps has been lost. some steady peace has been gained. and yet – his […]

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a little experiment

there is something untranslatable about the latvian folk-song. so, mission impossible: translate one, so it makes sense. i’d value your input about whether it does or not. comments are open. 🙂 Teici, teici, valodiņa, Ko upīte burbulēja, Ko upīte burbulēja, Ko pogoja lakstīgal’! Kur upīte burbulēja, Tur uzplauka pumpuriņi: Kur ļautiņi klausījāsi, Tur valodas daudzināj’. […]

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when all else fails

pain remains. in its incapacitating, insane clarity, pain remains. and suddenly, there is no space for questions of why and what for, because there is only that which is. pain. it will pass, at some point, i know, this is only a bout, a fit, incomplete and unfinished, searing the edges of what i thought […]

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october approximately 3

the maples turn scarlet. the mists stop air traffic (good job there, mists). my soul is confused about where i am, and has gone missing. i so understand that. the sadness roams freely, and the birds have quit squabbling over the autumn flies. probably not tasty enough. and i think of jesus, and how all […]

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some day

it all started yesterday, when the sewage pipe got blocked. (i think this is a brilliant beginning of a horror story, don’t you find?) then the water got cut off. then, in the morning, the water returned, luckily. and then, i was almost in time for the lectures, but the printer broke down, and the […]

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