when you try to turn a page on your coffee-mug, and take a sip from your e-reader; when you press a word on a paper book, and wonder why the inbuilt dictionary does not work; when you ask for a manual or communication protocols to talk to a friend; when you think of restarting your […]

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autumn lists

specifically blue sky clouds who cannot decide whether to fly or rip up in thunder smells of chill in the air plums and a few stray pears birds flocking for migration gladiolus swords in the hands of the first grade kids potato digging desperate teachers a sort of transparent sadness stray leaves turning tail sunglasses […]

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what i have on my zen player

Inspired by Zarina on design clash blog, i thought – why not? so, what’s on my creative zen player? music Ella FitzGerald –  Duke Ellington’s songbook Peter, Paul and Mary – Lemon Tree Elizabethan & Jacobean Consort Music There were Three Ravens All The King’s Horses – Knights, poets &lovers 2 albums of Apokaliptica Chinese […]

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