A blackbird, his wife and a pair of bewildered sparrows Look up from the ground — Thunder is coming. Rainworms are reckless, Leaving their safe darkness to look with sightless eyes upon stormlight. And so they leave, Half a rainworm each, to shut little yellow yelling mouths to make more of their own kind, In […]

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twenty – darkness

they say it is darkest before the dawn. i have stayed up for many a night, and i say it is not true – this is one more of those things people say because darkness and dawn are such great contrasts, and one can make so much mystical meaning out of six words, lo and […]

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through the sun and back again

in the rays of the pale sun under the white sky, a droplet of melting snow is a rainbow semaphore, signalling the brevity of time and time alone, to be remembered; a collection of shards of reminiscences inhabiting the world of now, and ever so astray; [it is] a vivacious reminder that all the white […]

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et lux perpetua

the annual ‘lux perpetua’, etc etc post. i can forget. no problem with forgetting. but my body does not. the annual dissonance. clench the teeth, cook something complicated like chicken tikka masala (in this country one has to spend hours hunting the ingredients), clench the teeth, hide. the dead walk in my dreams, and i […]

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