the ents

my father watched the second part of the lord of the rings, way back when it came out on the dvd. the only thing he thought real enough was the ents. ‘because this is how the forest should be, i’ve seen that,’ he said. and now, for him, the lord of the rings is about […]

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the titans of song

spent the last night and part of today watching/listening to the choir competition before the song and dance festival (No25, in 140 years). the recorded versions are accessible here and this is something totally maddening in scale and beauty. the music, the singers, the conductors, the intensity, the pure craziness of song wars. i do not […]

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god’s table is long, and all souls have a place at it. but it is by our giving, that those tables become so long. so… share.

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the fewer of us, the more of family graves we inherit. the more of graves, the less time to our life. the less time, the more of running. the more of running, the more graves.

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