the ebb and flow

now i understand how the witches and familiars work. i think i do.not how the witches work, not how familiars work, but the and bit. my cat is back. freshly carried in from the yard, somewhat timid, scarred, thin as a rake (with a lot of fur on), and white as the melting snow (which is rather..grey). […]

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nineteen – reverence

like that first moment of truth, when the eyes of lovers meet never to be repeated, never lived again, but ever remembered as the foundation of all that was and will be  – that first breath in you extends over all my days and unslept hours. in you all colours are bright, and all the […]

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the laughing angels

the wonderful has announced that today is the day of the laughing angels. and i think, what would make the angels laugh. given that they are supposed not to be evil. obviously, not our stupidity, or mistakes, or pain, not the things we do to hurt each other, and then laugh. not the slapstick […]

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she said, ‘what makes you happy?’ i said, ‘wait a moment, i have to think.’ (because i live my life in different terminology) then i said: ‘i know what makes me happy. it is the presence of my god.’ she said: ‘you are a lucky person, then.’ and then i thought that happiness is something […]

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when i think of joy, i think of daffodils. and Wordsworth the poet has nothing to do with it. ok.. very little. i admire the combination of  fragility and durability in the flower. all those months underground, all this accumulation of foodstuffs in the bulb over summer, to sprout this one flower for this brief […]

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