one more of those things. probably sb really likes this cat, regardless of its temper, behaviour, size and other features.

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power games

this makes me angry. people who are unable to solve their own power games, manipulations and stupidity. i am not interested in who puts what flowers on my mother’s grave. or who removes the wilted flowers therefrom. i am not interested in family feuds. and, blast it, i am not interested in family manipulations. and […]

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academic nightmares

thus there is this dream: there are course descriptions like little boats floating in the air. and then there comes a leaviathan, a white whale (like moby dick in the film), and jumps, and eats them. and i wake up in horror. ——————— parallel to the course description revision, i read. currently – rereading the […]

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one of those things, apparently

so, i have finished grading the exam in, what a student accidentally called in a private email to me, hystery of english. it is rather a hilarious subject, as everyone might guess, full of surprises for sure. today i was looking through the result analysis, and stumbled upon the simple question “who compiled the Oxford […]

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