the taboo words

and so i said – i will die one day, that’s a fact. and my colleagues at work went berserk with ‘shush, don’t say so’ and ‘you do not mean it’, and ‘how can you say so, we must think of living forever’. and i thought – why should i succumb to the cult of […]

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today, at some point, holding my frame together with sheer willpower, trying to be sociable and coherent, i suddenly realised that all i really wanted, even longed for, was controllable levels of pain . nothing fancy, just that. gee, are my standards deteriorating and ideals imploding. Posted by Wordmobi

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‘what is your favourite font,’ she asked me once. i looked at her for a while. ‘depends for what,’ i said cautiously. ‘what do you mean, it depends,’ she was puzzled, ‘don’t you just have a favourite font?’ and so i looked through my database of fonts. and yes, i have a favourite font – for […]

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