cup half–

the sky was undercast, the weather suddenly clement, couth birds chirped underhead and crows were so caring. trees, inrooted by ages threw down witness in standstill dressed their branches in nothing, eyes widely shut. some gainly adolescents shared a pipe of war, snowdrops looked on-white whilst the first shoots turned purple like the sun setting […]

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guvernante diversante

Fragments no tulkojamās grāmatiņas. Skat. arī pievienoto video. Devītā nodaļa …Ada paskatījās uz augšu. Tumšā figūra viegli nolēca no margām uz kāpņu laukumiņa. Jaunā guvernante pastiepa baltu roku, ko Ada paspieda. Roka bija ledus aukstumā. “Priecājos jūs satikt,’ teica Ada. “Vari saukt mani par Lūciju,” teica guvernante. “Ceru, ka mēs kļūsim draugi.” Ada nedroši pasmaidīja […]

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rose vs. begonia

roses look cool, and are interesting to raise. begonias look green and red and white and yellow, and are not presumptuous. but if asked to choose between them, i will probably say that i like chrysanthemums best. those shaggy, yellow or white, heavy-headed flowers with the bitter smell. kiku-no-hana.

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monday, february 18

got up at 5 tried to work went to bed at 6 was woken at 8 do not remember what i said someone else called at half nine i think i sent them somewhere, hopefully politely fell asleep at 10 or so got up at 11 started the laundry fell back in my bed totally […]

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so there are those three philologists and one teacher sitting and eating something…let’s say, soup. the first philologist finds the soup over-salted and says: “this is a little salty, don’t you think.” the second philologist agrees to the first and says: “you are a queen of understatement.” the third philologist adds: “yeah, she has her moments.” there […]

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love and gadgets

and yes, it is true, i say i love my computer just because i want to take him with me to bed. where we both are safe, and warm, and can enjoy ourselves. plus, computers pur, but leave no mess. minus – computers think by themselves, but do not cuddle up nicely. tonight me and […]

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par kaijām runājot

lūk. beidzot enerģijas dzēriens pilnīgi trakajiem. dizains brīnišķīgs. garša… kā jau tādiem dzērieniem. par nožēlošanu jāsaka- ražots austrijā pēc lietuviešu pasūtījuma latvijas tirgum. vienīgais trūkums, vai ne? (man šo mašīnā rakstot, blakus stūrējošais zvērs paziņoja, ka pirmā pazīme, ka zaurs ir pamodies, esot, ka zaurs sāk blogot. lol.) Posted by Wordmobi

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hogfather – high definition (or why the sun will not rise)

terry pratchett  is, and will be, one of my all-time favourite authors who, possibly, can do no wrong in a literary creative sense. his books are precise, observant, real, witty, scathing, clever, unforgettable and extremely well formulated. films, of course, are not books. films are too visual. in addition, any film featuring anyterry pratchett work, will be […]

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zeitgeist, in a peculiar fashion

when you apologise to sign-posts for bumping into them while walking and reading a book on your mobile device; when you try to unlock your office with your flat keys; when instead of ‘yes’, you say ‘acceptable’; when you set deadline instead of alarm on your clock; when essays are measured in kilograms, not in […]

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