Hoarfrost. An old english survivor in the modern hasty world. Last night, the sky was dark blue with the orange reflection of the city lights. The trees stood out against the orange blackness of the sky in a silvery glory. Suddenly, the world was so fragile. Like a crystal creation of myriads of tiny blades, […]

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Reptilian dream

My reptilian brain looks out to the sun. I want to be somewhere warm (not the South, it’s too hot) I want to have nice food A want to digest it slowly. Doing nothing. Belly-up in the sun, lazily observing the world. Instead of that, I am here. Ok,ok. Maybe this all is because I […]

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how curious

Christmas 2005 It feels like March, Only the roses Are not bitten by snow. The melting smell in the air, The sky grey with a margin Of translucent sun. Someone is born, Only to walk To the end of their life. It feels like joy, Only the smiles Have thorns in them. Someone is born, […]

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… … …

Tonight, I dreamed of trying to return home. I was in the airport, all things ready, and then it turned out that it was the wrong day. I lost my boots (dreams are like that, incoherent), and suddenly was barefoot in a blizzard, looking for the airport entrance. I found it. Then, I tried to […]

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Harry Potter at night

Yes, I went to see “Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” That was an adventure worthy of a ballad. First of all, the only show un English was at 8.30 pm. That would be ok, the film being ca. 2 hours and a little long. I located the cinema alright, even got the ticket […]

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The importance of keys

Is full moon enough for a human being to be sleepless? Most certainly yes. Or is it? How about one just getting to sleep, at about 3.30 a.m. when the moon has finally moved out of the bed… only to be woken up by the alarm? Because some extra-bright person has forgotten his keys in […]

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