three – back to zero

there is so much talking of debts theses days. national debts, international debts, global debts, private debts, study debts…. it seems everyone owes everyone huge sums of virtual money. and this leads to depressive oppression, and inability to create and develop. it is a deadlock, really. and i think – what if the powers in […]

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october approximately 3

the maples turn scarlet. the mists stop air traffic (good job there, mists). my soul is confused about where i am, and has gone missing. i so understand that. the sadness roams freely, and the birds have quit squabbling over the autumn flies. probably not tasty enough. and i think of jesus, and how all […]

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a handheld from above

sometimes i switch off my handheld, turn off the radio and log off the internet. the world is outside my zone of communication. i am not in the world, the world stays out there, with its haste and traffic jams, with its information and the lack of it, with its people and events. i float […]

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the madness of pain

the madness of pain consists not in one’s own experience. even if it might be quite terrific. the madness of pain consists in the seeing of the pain of those one loves, and being quite unable to alleviate it, or do anything about it. not because of the lack of compassion, or capacity. just because […]

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the laughing angels

the wonderful has announced that today is the day of the laughing angels. and i think, what would make the angels laugh. given that they are supposed not to be evil. obviously, not our stupidity, or mistakes, or pain, not the things we do to hurt each other, and then laugh. not the slapstick […]

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a little bit about birds and gardens

this is a translation from “Dīvainā karaļvalsts” (The strange kingdom) by J. Rubenis. i kinda found it a little bit inspiring. especially the bird part. PUTNU SARUNA Reiz divi putni pils dārzā savā starpā sarunājās. “Bruņinieks saprot putnu valodu un ir nelaimīgs, jo viņš arī grib būt putns,” teica viens. “Vērojot putnus, viņš ir iemācījies […]

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the logic of love

(offtopic) chaffinch starts his song at 06:43 in the morning. ——————————————————————————– i chose Christ, not because i feared to die, but rather because He did not; i walk with Him not because of religion, but of companionship, call it love. i do not know who loved whom first – i in my finite predisposition, or He […]

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