what to do with unicorns

from the student works: then the police asked man: “did you saw the unicorn?” and man answered that he didn’t saw a unicorn. so this is why there are no unicorns left. someone just sawed them. the next saw film, maybe, should be about sawing unicorns?

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Ziedonis and graveyard reform

Imants Ziedonis. Epifānijas. 1978. this is my contribution to this time of traditional latvian whatever they think is proper to do in the graveyards. a translation with some elements of adaptation, on the revelation of then and there, which somehow also is here and now. epiphanies rule. ================= Sometimes I feel graveyards need a reform. […]

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i finally got it. now it seems so logical, really, how come i did not think of this earlier. you see, i’m an incorrigible carnivore. and this is because of all that karma i have gathered in all those previous lives. now by eating meat i head straight for that rainworm status is due to […]

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maybe i should introduce a tag here, entitled ‘ephemeral’. for brothers. for things that just do not seem to last. no, i am not angry or anything, no. just…that feeling of inability to protect and save, to put things right, which is my duty. my remaining bro is in a hospital in the middle of […]

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in my dream, there were two snakes. one was a grass-snake, long and domesticated, openly snaking through the room. the other was a very small and multicoloured but extremely poisonous little worm, trying to jump up to a place they could bite me. they failed, and fell on the floor, and escaped my boot numerous […]

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