the ultimate test*

death is the ultimate test – it is irreversible, a one-way-only gate, a membrane that filters you out and then returns to its stillness. death is both never and near, certain and so unknown that those who live the illusion of total control spend their days in fear. the ultimate test, where the win or the […]

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funeral coffee

the kitchen is ever dark, and cold, and cave-like, and sombre. starting the fire, on gas or in the cooking range. the quiet determinism of those present in the house for the morning. the smell of sadness, the unspoken collectiveness of all people waiting. the setting-up of the pots, the pouring of water, the measuring […]

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funerals one misses

and then my father said (to the world at large) – she did not go to the funeral of my best man (by she meaning me). and then i thought, why should i. the people on my father’s side of the family have spent minimum 30 years trying to alienate me from the relatives on […]

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the magic of harry potter

some time ago i was asked a very interesting question by stripesknitted. the question, in translation, was this: is harry potter a wizard (a person who does magic), or not? i have great respect for stripesknitted,  and use the question here only as an initial quote for a broader discussion of certain cultural tendencies. so, […]

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