the witness of castaway

I am effectively church-less. I have been made to leave the church I served, when the pastor initiated not extending my evangelist credentials on the grounds that he did not see a necessity for my ministry in this particular congregation. He initiated the process behind my back, never mentioning it to me. I had to learn […]

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pūpolu svētdienā

no kaut kurienes manā vētrainajā jaunībā atceros Imanta Ziedoņa dzejoli par biti (citāts pēc atmiņas lejāk). un kaut kā šķiet, ka tas lielā mērā raksturo patreizējo situāciju LELB. ne jau aiz laba prāta bites mirst. Kad bite dzeloni lieto, Tad bite mirst. Vai bite zina, ka dzelonis Viņu no dzīves šķirs? Ar darbu viņa ir […]

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holes in the universe

I cannot unlove you; when the morning sings out moonlight, as the snow turns to ashes at dawn, I gently finger the rough edges of what you left of me, leaving. Serrated, larger than life, sharp, silently seeping with something red. It is cold, the snow scintillates, throwing tiny maroon reflections back at the mourning […]

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when all else crumbles

this remains. like the breath, like the blood that flows through the veins, like the earth under us and the sky above, and infinitely, untestably more. even when things fall apart, or when church happens to one, even then Christ is not far. he is actually very, very near. because church happened to him, too. […]

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sunday, march eleven

this was a glorious, epic, spectacular fail day. no, not fail. FAIL. thus: in order to be in time for the church event, i put up 3 alarms: 6.30, 7.00, 7.30. i woke up at 8.30, and someone had pressed all the alarms without me even as much as remembering getting up and catching the […]

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