Cattle Express and mathematics

one’s gotta love the book. i hope it is published in eng, too. plz, publish it in eng. it is mind-blowing “.. neither way of looking at the sonata is wrong. Yes, it’s a beautiful, evolving piece of music, and yes, it’s this giant time-less chord. With Fourier analysis, you move between the two ways […]

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four more nebula books

some time ago, i decided to read through all the books that have been awarded the nebula – which is a high honour in the sci-fi world. now, there are four books left. i have had an exciting journey through perceptions and worlds, and humanity. i almost feel like the protagonist of joe haldeman’s camouflage…someone watching […]

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a little bit of a book challenge

i finally have it – a list of books to read parallel to my random ramblings in the fantasy fiction. (re-)reading the Nebula award winner books in chronological order. might be fun. the list is here, and a special little shelf in goodreads is in place, too. give me my ship of shining steel, give […]

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