when a body is voiceless, and will remain so for the rest of this week (aargh, and what shall i do at work, pray?), a skypedown is something of a tragedy. of course i can use my notepad for communication in an eye-to-eye situation, or do some mime, but my handwriting is … mmm.. well, […]

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and suddenly, it is june. the greens have become saturated, the young crows learn to climb trees, and eventually to fly squeakingly, kittens romp in courtyards next to their dejected fierce mothers, students complain of too much to do all of a sudden, teachers collapse quietly, lilac blossoms, drowning out the stench or the rowans. […]

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a reason for joy

it seems, i have the coolest research group in the whole of the third year (and i can say this also about the ba paper writing people too). everyone an individual with unique properties, creative and  thinking out of the box. they are also friendly and kindly listen to all the nonsense i try to tell […]

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it was a word-game, initially. then i considered it, and it was true to some extent. people do move through the world like they were tanks: heavily armoured on the outside, vulnerable on the inside. i often do, and i have met others of the armoured division, too. then i had nothing particular to do […]

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