adeste, be present

God waits. In His world the time is. In our world, the time flows. His is the tide, and ours, the time. The ancient is tomorrow. God waits for the perfect moment in our rivers of time, to sink in his fishing line. God waits alongside our imperfect flows of time for the perfect ripple […]

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Adverbum sum, my love, an adverb, modified by countless acts of being seen, and truth, and those who walked the path before me. Made right by the verb, I exist, to be — not taken seriously unless the action is performed in your perception. Ad te sum, my love, you breathe my life, sparkling, sprinkling, […]

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she sings

she is a mature queen-cat. her woman died last year, and now she lives in the yard, hiding in the basement, sneaking into corridors, that sort of thing. people of the house feed her rather regularly. she talks to them all the time, but nobody seems to listen. and sometimes she sits on the steps […]

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the earth and the air are in opposition: the earth still warm, the air carries a frosty breath. and water escapes from earth, and goes up. to get stuck like white crystals in the hair of the trees, making them grizzly and white. the trees do not mind, the trees have warm feet.

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Twenty. Gifts

i am part of a denomination which has a very strange attitude to women. women in general are, not unlike the children of the victorian era, to be seen, but not heard. women who think about ministry, however little, are to be walked through like they did not exist at all. yes, there are few […]

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Fourteen. The unexpected

in the synoptic gospels, there is this narrative about John the Baptist standing in the river of Jordan and calling out to all people to stop in their tracks, think of what they are doing, and repent of their evil ways (Mt. 3:2-3etc). John was no softie. he’d grown up in the desert. he knew […]

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Eleven. The trouble with Jesus

he does not know too much. he knows everything. can you trust someone who knows everything about you, your life, your motives, your desires, your …whatever? he knows all that and still loves you. can you trust this person? make that leap from being unknown to being fully known? can you live with everything being known about […]

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Six. Increase

there is this story in the bible. actually, there are more than one stories of this type in the bible. the stories of increasing the existent food resources. (as found in 1 Kings 17:7-16; then in Matthew 14:13-21, Mark 6:31-44, Luke 9:10-17 and John 6:5-15 – four parallel versions; and Mark 8:1-9 and Matthew 15:32-39 – two parallel […]

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