Seventeen. Hope

hope is this frail little root that lifts a large chunk of asphalt just because. but a simple movement of foot can terminate the frail root. hope is also the balance between the fear of termination, and the lifting of asphalt covers. hope thrives on being opposed. this is why it is symbolised by holly, […]

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Two. Dreams

there’s this. dreams. they are made of something. some people say, dreams are made of us, who we are, what we experience, what we remember or process. maybe they are right. or rather – there is some truth in what they say (about dreams, that is). and yet – there is more to dreams that […]

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twenty-four: the shepherds

i thought of that story of the angels and the shepherds, and coming to see the infant, and i thought of it thus: when you hear the angels inviting, do come and see him. because when we gain the knowledge of the good and evil, we lose the access to eternal life. that life can […]

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