linguistics and funerals

This post has a very good point. Both about syntax and how linguistics happens to people. I quote: No, don’t be shocked that syntax could be on my mind on such an occasion [mother’s funeral]. A linguist’s brain does not cease making linguistic observations on entering a crematorium chapel. As I recently explained in a piece over […]

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it seems there are two types of conclusion: relevant and irrelevant. it also seems, that the two types are inextricably linked. the relevant conclusion from this year’s bachelor papers i’ve read: i need more sleep. the irrelevant conclusion from this year’s bachelor papers i’ve read: crocodiles are not green. the inextricable link between the two aforesaid […]

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observing meters in L-space

the month of may is come, and apparently the annual academic madness is intensifying, as is its right. and so, after some attempts to figure out the differences between russian and english terminology and methods for poetry analysis. (and [insert the appropriate expletive here] can the russians convolute terminology and analysis, can they indeed.) and […]

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no medicine

the writing has got stuck again. to unstick it, i moved furniture in my room. now it looks even more crazy. in the process i discovered a lost mug. it must have felt very sad behind the armchair. and why did ronald barthes have to write so engagingly and unquotably?

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academic nightmares

thus there is this dream: there are course descriptions like little boats floating in the air. and then there comes a leaviathan, a white whale (like moby dick in the film), and jumps, and eats them. and i wake up in horror. ——————— parallel to the course description revision, i read. currently – rereading the […]

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