par ikriem un filtrēšanām

un tātad iksestdienas epasta kārtošanas ietvaros, pārskatot spam folderi, konstatēju kaudzi ar piedāvājumiem kristīgam draugam palīdzēt atbrīvot dažādu āfrikas valstu bankās iestrēgušus līdzekļus (nez kāpēc kristīgam, vai tiešām parastie jau ir beigušies?), dažus apgalvojumus par tēmu, ka man piešķirti ciknutur dolāri saviesīgām kazino aktivitātēm, vēl pāris neklasificējamus gļukus… un šo:

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a conversation

so i get out to get some food and stop to watch some starlings on their worm-hunt. behind me there is a kid coming from school talking to his grandfather. grampa asks [meaning starlings], ‘what birds are those?’ the kid screams happily, ‘penguins!!’ so much for education these days. (i’d not mind penguins in this […]

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today, at some point, holding my frame together with sheer willpower, trying to be sociable and coherent, i suddenly realised that all i really wanted, even longed for, was controllable levels of pain . nothing fancy, just that. gee, are my standards deteriorating and ideals imploding. Posted by Wordmobi

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a letter

dear god, i am only a poet in a world of too many words. thank you for listening to my silences. faithfully yours, me Posted by Wordmobi

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empty subroutines

how come that people use questions like “how is [person’s name here]?” without actually wanting to hear the answer, to relate to the subject? has this, too, become an empty phrase in english – like “how are you?” and “take care”, and “i’m afraid, i’m busy”? if you ask me, it is better to indicate […]

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broken strings

the strings that tie us into the heart of the divine. what happens if one tries the independence as in “no strings attached”? Posted by Wordmobi

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