king of the mountain

in this, tha Kat and Iroqua are playing King of the mountain. they do this often, and very quietly. the video is of horrible quality, for which i do not apologise – it is intended to emulate the low quality cat videos all over the internet.

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a fledgling sparrow

found this one today. too many feathers to sit in the nest. too few to really fly. pity, it would have made a wonderful sparrow one day. mother nature sometimes goes for the smartest, not the fittest, it seems (sigh).

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but outside

it is summer. the brief summer of this country where it is often winter, but most of the time – autumn, even when it is spring. not that i particularly like the sunshine and the heat, and all that…but the trees are green, the birds have lead forth their young and are conceiving another hatch, […]

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