small floral petals

i might be gone, but the sand
and the blades of grass remember
my steps and my song, and the small
things i lost from my pockets:
loose buttons and scraps
of wrapping or chewing-gum,
occasional chestnuts
and leaves almost crumbled.

now the trees have me, their roots
sucking up minerals
that made up my structure,
slowly they work, stretching
blind hands towards the sky
extending their green tents,
making water their food, and me
transforming back into life.

now the birds have me, sitting
on the wide palms of the tree-limbs
that contain my essences,
chirping, whistling and cawing,
thrilled by the advent of light
and the worms at dawn;
and the grass grows taller
than all my aspirations.

now the earth has me, returning
to the dust that i once was,
my final port of call,
the ultimate adventure only starting,
open to all creation, i unshut my shell
so the meat and the pearl
join the elements, and i that was
becomes i that is, and is free.

small, white floral petals
float in the wind, reminiscing
of the ever-now and forever

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3 thoughts on “small floral petals

  1. Yeah, to be grown through by roots…to feed the cycle of life & be free. Beautiful…in all senses

  2. Poignant and optimistically sad… The final four lines were the ones that I was looking forward to.

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