GoT Season 5

Maybe there is hope for the show in terms of maturity. Not the “mature content” maturity, but thoughtfulness, or something less flesh, more spirit maturity. With overdogs dead, underdogs slowly claw to the surface. Many experiences of Winter getting closer and closer, more darkness, swordplay, frozenness and white walkers enter on cue. Jon Snow gets […]

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Heron’s song

Make it rain. Sound thunder in the deep heaven. Raise up the dark seas. The grass is parched, The trees grow yellow, The fishes cry, The frogs grow scarce. Make it rain. Drum hotly the unyielding clouds. Scatter the hail. The wheat grow tired, The cucumbers wilt, The birds take baths In sods ground to […]

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GoT Season 4

Darkness, politics and religion unite to deliver a mushy picture. Upside: The filming locations are fabulous. Gorgeous even. The Dragon Queen and lady Sansa start developing into some notable characters. The dwarf Lannister pays his debts, or many of them. Finally, we get rid of prince Joffrey, whose thoughtless violence and evil for the sake […]

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