the artistic licence

this is the time of post-truth. my head does not get around that notion very well. then, of course, should it, once it is the time of emotions.

and so after some rumination and deliberation and suchlike, both for the purposes of exercise and clarity, here i am making a short list of what might be considered things allowed and demanded under the Artistic Licence. this list is by no means definitive and exhaustive of the subject.

This is your ARTISTIC LICENCE. It contains also your poetic licence and dramatic licence.

Under your Artistic Licence you have the RIGHT:
to tell stories so that people’s hearts are moved;
to invent worlds with their own rules, chemistry, gravity, magic and technology;
to believe in dragons;
to observe and notice what really is;
to take an image and build it into a character;
to imagine things that are not real for the purposes of truth;
to see a different angle on the commonplace;
to change grammar to fit the meter;
to talk to trees and your pet animal;
to hear what the birds say;
to let your mind wonder about how things are;
to treat children as real people;
to be confident in the picture in your head;
to listen to the living language and hoard it like a precious gem;
to inspire and be inspired.

Under the Artistic Licence you have the DUTY:
to be consistent;
to respect your audience;
to keep to the truth of your story by all means, and
never ever LIE.

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