some recent photo events, belatedy uploaded

due to some irony of fate or similar, i happened to be going to Cēsis and Ungurmuiža – and of course, the camera stayed at home. so here are some pics done by my mobile phone…because i could not resist. sorry for the quality, folks.

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The Doll museum. Not very large, but very impressive. Also in the same Ungurmuiža

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2 thoughts on “some recent photo events, belatedy uploaded

  1. I’ve never seen a piano with candles, except in movies or photos. Quite interesting photos here. The soldier looks to me as though he has his feet on backwards.

    1. That’s 18th century painting for you. The manor house is amazing though. The lord of the manor did not have access to decent building stone, but had abundance of timber at his disposal, and so he built with timber what others at that time built with stone. And created fabulous wall paintings of things he had seen. The most amazing thing is that this little manor house (you would probably call it something else in the South of the USA) – little by the standards of its time – survived at least three wars and a couple of occupations almost unscathed. Unburned, unmolested. In my country that is close to a miracle.

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