the truth about my Kat

my Kat is not mythological.

he has no healing powers.

he sleeps everywhere.

he makes weird grunting noises when happy.

he wakes me up at unseemly hours.

he does not even pretend to understand what i say or feel.

he is easy to wash.

he likes drinking from the tap, and tries to open it but fails.

he is not my ‘boy’ – he is my battle-f(r)iend. and i am his.

he likes to sit on the window-sill, half out, half in.

he is not pretty, but makes me think he is.

i can hold him in my arms precisely for three seconds. then he breaks free.

he likes plastic rings from bottles, which (rings) he tosses from paw to paw like in badminton.

he purrs only when he wants something, before he gets it.

he is not boring.

he is territorial.

he is neat and careful, and does not like upsetting things when he walks on shelves or my desk.

he sleeps in front of my keyboard, but not on it.

i would not exchange him for a better, more magical version.

that’s part of it, folks.

4 thoughts on “the truth about my Kat

  1. It’s fascinating how different this sounds from my cat. My tiny forest lion is so terrified of the surrounding world I sometimes get the feeling he was carried to here from a fairy realm of sorts. Also, he is surprisingly clumsy for a such graceful animal.
    It’s odd to read about a cat who is not scared of everyday life, as I almost never see stuff like this around me.

    1. well, there are different types of cats. Old Possum’s Book.. clearly states that in the Naming of Cats and demonstrates throughout the texts. 🙂
      this list could, of course go on; maybe on day i’ll make another list, including things that did not fit on this list.
      maybe your cat is just being cautious and prudent? and his seeming fear and clumsiness are the tools he uses to manipulate you?

      1. Thank you for linking that! Good reading material is always appreciated. 🙂
        When has anybody ever said no to more lists of wonderful cat-related things?

        I think my cat is very confused. It’s easy to read his facial expressions, and mostly it says ”I have no idea what is this thing, why everybody reacts like that or why that is important, but it is interesting enough, so I’ll keep watching”. He doesn’t seem to understand us or why we live our lives like we do, but I guess he likes us, because he seems quite content with whatever we do (as long as we take care of him).
        …Or maybe he truly manipulates me in the most evil of ways, and I am just in denial. Eh, go figure.

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