bonding? madness? spring? or maybe it is the universal need to catch the moth before the moth catches one’s wardrobe

i’ve already written of the bond (emphatic, sometimes telepathic) with my cat. the link originally was meant for dogs (bonding) and i normally use it for interpreting (empathy, anticipation, suchlike) or translation in the world of humans, but i have no dog at the moment, and so … apparently i have bonded with my cat.

most of the time it is fun. at 4.30 a.m. when he wakes and makes me wake, it is not so much fun. however be it, it is great to have this communication link, this opportunity to sense more than my limited senses permit.

and today i caught myself in the act of hunting for a moth together with my cat, him taking the floor, me taking the air. i hit the thing, he caught it, all in perfect unity, and he ate the insect. and then i thought, maybe this is too much. maybe hi-five with a cat is crazy. or there, besides the reptilian brain and primate brain is some other brain in my head which induces moth-hunting with feline support. or maybe it is the spring. i wonder.

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