the ebb and flow

the cat next to the sink
he was so hungry that he ate my stewed cabbage

now i understand how the witches and familiars work. i think i do.not how the witches work, not how familiars work, but the and bit.

my cat is back. freshly carried in from the yard, somewhat timid, scarred, thin as a rake (with a lot of fur on), and white as the melting snow (which is rather..grey). and hungry like a pack of very hungry animals. and he smells of … old hay, and strangely, coal-dust, and railway sleepers and tar.

i wonder where he’s been and what he’s been doing. now he has eaten a handful of cat-food, drunk half a mug of water, and is grooming himself, getting rid of burrs, dirt and the general greyness.

the world has acquired the acuteness of smell and the sharpness of touch which seemed to have gone out of it when he was away from the reaches of our bond. i so  understand how people could think this bond to be magic. because it feels like magic.

my one and only, and fabulous cat is back. it is like the smell of orange and cinnamon, with some lemon twang. or like the taste of marinated meat fried over the embers of a camp-fire in pine forest. or like deep, dreamless sleep in the security of late spring during apple-blossom.

getting to poetic here. my cat is back, and alive. and god is great and indeed merciful.

4 thoughts on “the ebb and flow

  1. “the world has acquired the acuteness of smell and the sharpness of touch which seemed to have gone out of it … ” So much happier than the blankness you felt last week. I am so
    glad your cat is back. He must have been taken, or something happened beyond his control, because I am sure he would not have simply left someone who loved him so. Not of his own accord, he wouldn’t. I will go and give my Jellico a special hug.

    1. He might have been scared away by the fireworks. Or gone to ‘girls’. Or lost his way in the snow. Who knows. But he is back, and well, and eating, and cuddly. and talking to me again. Indeed, a hug to Jellico.

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