Cattle Express and mathematics

one’s gotta love the book. i hope it is published in eng, too. plz, publish it in eng. it is mind-blowing

“.. neither way of looking at the sonata is wrong. Yes, it’s a beautiful, evolving piece of music, and yes, it’s this giant time-less chord. With Fourier analysis, you move between the two ways of describing the world.” Peter stopped in front of Marlena. There was a heat in his cheeks. “Does this make sense?”
“So this conversation we’re having, all of it, the way we’re dressed, the way we talk, the way we look at each other. . .” Marlena smiled at him. “You could describe it with one of these giant chords?”
“Exactly.” Peter started to pace again, unsure how to react. “Like billions and billions of simple notes — sound waves, light waves, others – vibrating together, sometimes strengthening each other, sometimes canceling each other. Forming the double illusion of life and time.”
“If we were good enough, we might not need time at all, right? We might see life all at once, as one monumental chord?”
Peter smiled. “A mathematician might say so. A hundred years ago, a physicist might have agreed. But now you’ve got quantum mechanics messing things up. If you saw it all at once, you wouldn’t just see the future. You’d see every possible future, and go crazy.”
“Sometimes I feel that way.”  Marlena rose from the table as she spoke, so she stood right next to him.
“What way?”
“Like I see every possible future, and I’m crazy in all of them.”

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