books vs television (a three tent situation)

i updated the list of books i am reading now. (when i was younger, read was one of those verbs which were not supposed to be used in a progressive tense – like think or live…yeah, those were less progressive days), but this is exactly how it feels … am reading, at the speed of 400-800 words per minute, depending on what type of text it is.

bookwormat some point i counted as many as 9 different books i was in the process of …well, reading. 9 different worlds. 6 different genres. a wealth of characters and settings, and turns of plots, and twists of philosophy. 3 different languages.

and then it occurred to me that the way i read, is not unlike channel surfing on the tv. a chunk of this, and then a chunk of that. translate some pages of the Cattle express till you get stuck. a little bit of chinese war masters. bits and pieces of comfort reading. some hard sci-fi. a memoir. back to the comfort reading. translate some pages of the Cattle express till you are stuck again. swallow a piece of linguistics. go out to Mars or something. sleep translate some pages of the Cattle express. read some Bible. and so it goes on.

and hope that this collage sticks together.

i would not exchange this book surfing for anything visual, ever. the worlds are far more fantastic, the walks more walkable, the desires far more desirable, the food more delicious, the people more people than in the chewed-down versions of film or tv series.

add some brilliant baroque music to all that.

i do not miss the faculty, i do not miss it at all.


2 thoughts on “books vs television (a three tent situation)

  1. That’s quite a bit. I also am usually reading several books at once. Usually a long novel (recently finished Goldfinch and just finished To Rise Again At a Decent Hour) and usually have a book of poetry and something regarding environment/ecology/politics/science. But all in one language, so yes, your really are surfing.

    1. I have Goldfinch on my ‘want to read’ list. But there are 53 other books there, too.
      Mostly I do read in English (or variants thereof), but some of the ‘comfort books’ are in Russian, and then I really need the Latvian, as I am translating into lv…
      up to this day it never occurred to me, how much like tv-surfing this habit was.
      It is fun nevertheless. Thanks for the comment.

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