the joy of marking exams

this year’s undoubted best phrase from an Early New English text analysis: Old Nordic droppings of the [e] were very popular in ENE maybe the Old Nordics were sth like huge horse-like critters who kept excreting sounds. i would not put it past them, either. and then this Middle English was finished because Am[e]rica was […]

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summer vacation plans

*besides** growing tomatoes, taking care of the cat and some hiking in the forests **in addition to translating two books – The Cattle Express by Tom Crosshill and the Goth Girl and a Fete Worse than Death by Chris Riddell

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the soup was good

to finish a translation of something so stupid i cannot even mention the name. then finish the sermon.  on creeds. making it simple. then get 5 hours of sleep, and be in church on time. then preach, then talk to people. share the soup. then read some 30 student papers on a fragment of chaucer. […]

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they say that imagination is characteristic of humanity. maybe that is true. but living in the same 3D space as Beryl the Yellow-eyes, I’ve come to the conclusion that he has imagination to the power of ten compared with me. to attack a plastic bag under a blanket…whatever he sees there must be very imaginative.

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but outside

it is summer. the brief summer of this country where it is often winter, but most of the time – autumn, even when it is spring. not that i particularly like the sunshine and the heat, and all that…but the trees are green, the birds have lead forth their young and are conceiving another hatch, […]

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