good friday 2014

this is a world full of things that should not be. hate, betrayal, pain, suffering, affliction…plain stupidity and lack of love… and the more humanity wants to remove the ‘superfluous’ and ‘false’ god and oppression of organised religion, and stand on its own, the less of the world seems to be right.

plenty of people ask how come god permits the evil and pain and injustice and so on. paradoxically enough, often the askers are the same people who do not think that any god should rule and ‘oppress’ humanity.

so the question about the god’s interference or the absence thereof is not a question about god – it is rather a display of, ultimately, contempt (for the interlocutor) and arrogance  (comparison of the asker with a deity who is omnipotent and omnicognizant and infinite). this is a question of the humanity, not of god.

and it is not so that god does nothing to counter pain and oppression, and evil. he does the only thing he can – he goes and dies in the stead of those who have messed up his creation and rejected himself.  the immortal become mortal, the infinite finite, he gets his hands not just dirty but literally bloody.

in the messed up world, god dies for those he loves – humanity.

this much he loved the world that he stretched out his hands on the cross to embrace them forever.

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7 thoughts on “good friday 2014

  1. I have always been curious about the ritual of Lent. One gives up indulgences, so as to speak.
    Why does Christianity not teach to give up deceit during this time? Or, something equally as damaging to both self and society.

    Surely, the omission of indulgences, only leads one to double their intake after Lent is over. And, perhaps, increase their propensity towards sinful activity – out of a sense of deprivation for having avoided certain pleasures during this season.

    1. where i grew up, he teaching was this: give up, and try no to take up whatever keeps you from god.
      like deceit. or hate, or workaholism (not sure of the process noun here) – give up the false gods who ruin you and ruin the society.
      i sort of understand what you say about the deprivation and where that is leading, and have met plenty of people following that path, too.
      lent is there in the tradition, but often now it seems it has taken on a life of its own, unconnected with either church or christianity, or jesus.
      so, maybe we can do sth to make the world a better place by our own example?

      1. False gods – meaning the worship of money, alcohol, etc?

        If so, I know what you mean by that.

        I am intrigued by that term (false god) in the program Stargate. They keep stating that all these “gods” are “false” but never define what a “real” god is.

        And, at the same time, never seem to admit that they agree that there is a god – at all.

        I’m off topic, sorry.

      2. something like this, yes. paradoxically, the tradition and the church, if pursued religiously, can also become eidola.
        about the Stargate… i like the series a lot, and the term ‘false god’ has puzzled me too. as far as i have seen, they refer to all entities who oppress nations as ‘false gods’ – and that’s that, no definition of ‘true god’, thus by extrapolation, either ‘true god’ is sth. like Thor and his kin who do not oppress, or ‘true god’ is not entity. probably this was even more offtopic.

      3. I wonder what most people’s definition of a “god” would be? Always human, I imagine (unlike Stargate)

        It seems to me that a god would be somewhat oppressive, to those who are aggressive.

        What is your definition of a god?

      4. there should be studies of how people define god. at some point it was a topical question.
        do not take this as a backing out, plz: i have no definition for god, because all i know points to something so much greater and infinite that a definition just would not do.
        i think one can love sb without defining them.

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