this year summarily

for a few years already, inspired by my dear entropija, i publish a post containing first sentences of each month of the year. and so 2013 january the beginning i remember this song from when i was just a beginner pilgrim, not that i have moved very far from there now. february kā reizēm gadās […]

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Twenty-four. Magic

today i happened across a tv-set, which showed some episode of the ‘blinky bill’ – apparently an australian cartoon where the main heroes are anthropomorphised coala and platypus younglings in search for a) christmas tree and b) snow to c) bring it to no less athropomorphised wombat adult. the quest ended with a christmas eucaliptus […]

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Twenty-three. Sunshine

it is amazing, how short the days get in this time of the year. an how the sun does not ever get up to being ‘white’ – all its light is ever ‘yellow’ – that is, if there is any sun. today, the sun came through the grey, low clouds twice. and the world was […]

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Twenty-two. Elves

and so the Icelanders are seeing elves (they call them the hidden folk) again. the full article here it is good to know one’s land is alive. still alive. talking. reminds me also of Anne McCaffrey’s Petaybee. was a good reading, that one.

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Twenty-one. Of clearing rooms

i put to you this: the level of friendship or trust can be measured by how much one cleans their home before the arrival of someone. and thus, i make the following list of people arriving, their labels, and the corresponding amount of cleaning: total strangers one has invited for unknown reason total strangers who […]

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