frost creeps up on the unsuspecting, tired grassblades of the autumn, and looks at them at a different angle. frost thinks of the pale greens and greys, and browns of the autumn in a new way. not so much of the absorption of the light and energy, as the reflecting and giving it back. not […]

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it seems  there are three realms of occupations where every member of public feels the obligation to contribute advice, know better or pronounce the professionals wrong by default. Teaching, Healing and Spiritual ministry. everyone knows what the professionals should do and how they should act and how not to. here’s the catch: why the uneducated, […]

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well, i had another epic tumble down a flight of stairs last sunday. now i look like an ill-drawn map, all blackish, plum-colour, bruises-starting-to heal. and i have been feeling so sleepy.  and misanthropic. the best healing for me is this: no human people around, regardless of their attitude. loads of sleep. loads of hot, […]

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