a note

when tradition meets common sense, common sense has to go. it is amazing, really amazing, to what lengths people would go to do as has been done before. look at the lemmings. they traditionally jump from the rocks. right into the sea.  

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the little things

so, the mosquitoes have their field nights. it seems i am allergic to the residue of their poison. quite seriously allergic, in fact. which makes my nights quite interesting. the nights get colder and longer. the clouds above this city are snow-clouds. sometimes raining, and sometimes hail. my room is… i guess, crisp and overcool would be […]

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the ents

my father watched the second part of the lord of the rings, way back when it came out on the dvd. the only thing he thought real enough was the ents. ‘because this is how the forest should be, i’ve seen that,’ he said. and now, for him, the lord of the rings is about […]

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when all else crumbles

this remains. like the breath, like the blood that flows through the veins, like the earth under us and the sky above, and infinitely, untestably more. even when things fall apart, or when church happens to one, even then Christ is not far. he is actually very, very near. because church happened to him, too. […]

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