the titans of song

spent the last night and part of today watching/listening to the choir competition before the song and dance festival (No25, in 140 years). the recorded versions are accessible here and this is something totally maddening in scale and beauty. the music, the singers, the conductors, the intensity, the pure craziness of song wars. i do not […]

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guvernante diversante

Fragments no tulkojamās grāmatiņas. Skat. arī pievienoto video. Devītā nodaļa …Ada paskatījās uz augšu. Tumšā figūra viegli nolēca no margām uz kāpņu laukumiņa. Jaunā guvernante pastiepa baltu roku, ko Ada paspieda. Roka bija ledus aukstumā. “Priecājos jūs satikt,’ teica Ada. “Vari saukt mani par Lūciju,” teica guvernante. “Ceru, ka mēs kļūsim draugi.” Ada nedroši pasmaidīja […]

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four more nebula books

some time ago, i decided to read through all the books that have been awarded the nebula – which is a high honour in the sci-fi world. now, there are four books left. i have had an exciting journey through perceptions and worlds, and humanity. i almost feel like the protagonist of joe haldeman’s camouflage…someone watching […]

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lost in translation

greetings, all. i hereby announce that i am not at home, and not in the internet, and not somewhere else. i am lost in translation of the goth girl and the ghost of a mouse the fun is fascinating. i still cannot walk about too much, so no harm done. ah yes. i like the […]

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