perpetual fragility

whilst armies march, and their survivors debate who won and who lost, and how much each one deserves, whilst people take sides or walk unreservedly, intensely by, whilst birds hastily mate and make nests and bring forth their young, whilst teenagers try out a first smoke right behind monuments to all sorts of holocaust, and […]

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and why, really, why does it have to be apple in all the films about the garden of eden? why not persimmon? why not plum? why not… peach, or grape, or pomegranate? what have the apple-trees done to the artists since ancient times, did they not provide cider and apple-juice, and comfortable shadow, and most […]

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the law

a text fragment turned up in my dream. it was this: those who evoke the law, should not forget that the law is blind. the text fragment looked like bricks. can’t get it out of my head.

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melodious monday

for whatever reason, this crept to the surface of my mind, maddened by metaphors (and the rest of the stylistic analysis nomenclature): the sound is a little tinny, but the spirit is captured perfectly.

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