life goes on. having had a rotten week, i have come to a decision. i will install ubuntu on my computer. i hope we like each other.

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for the rainy day

Got the idea from turfevna the result – europe – was this (see below)   i will try the world next. when i have finished whatever nonsense i am doing now. and also- the embed code does not work for wordpress. so use something else. i used a screenshot.

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the feather clouds all spread out like fingers to keep the indigo sky from falling to pieces we enter the little stars of scilla, ink on green all my steps, all your steps coloured a time by the rudimentary snowdrifts, liverleaf anxious to look, to be seen all in blues of breaking they come in […]

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one knows the spring is here, because a) geese are flying northbound in formation b) first year and second year students are prone to rambling and daydreaming c) third and fourth year students turn up with all sorts of missed papers and questions d) people look suddenly happier in streets e) all the academic colleagues […]

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a little bit of a book challenge

i finally have it – a list of books to read parallel to my random ramblings in the fantasy fiction. (re-)reading the Nebula award winner books in chronological order. might be fun. the list is here, and a special little shelf in goodreads is in place, too. give me my ship of shining steel, give […]

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