wind gusts breach my window. again i think of the lost souls confused by streetlamps in their navigation.

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an attempt at imagining things i cannot imagine, and thus come up with very weird imagery

were you a night orchid, white in the heart of summer, i’d be the occasional screech of a barn-owl over the dew in the meadow. were you a bright firefly, dancing like there’s no daybreak, i’d be the silence of fir-trees, stretching their arms into stars. were you silver moonbeam, piercing the clouds for this […]

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another one

when instead of your chewing gum you grab your eraser, bite on it, and see no difference – you are either me or have been writing too much or you are just an alien, and all chewy things are the same.

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january, probably, 23

Люди соединяют разделенные немыслимыми расстояниями планеты, но часто неспособны преодолеть крошечный отрезок между сердцами. Между душами. Между двумя огоньками, что тянутся друг к другу, но почему-то не сливаются в общий костер.   И нельзя сказать однозначно, почему так происходит, нельзя создать единое правило, потому что в каждом случае огонькам мешает что-то свое. people make connections […]

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no medicine

the writing has got stuck again. to unstick it, i moved furniture in my room. now it looks even more crazy. in the process i discovered a lost mug. it must have felt very sad behind the armchair. and why did ronald barthes have to write so engagingly and unquotably?

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a song for the end

the little courageous blue-tit unfreezing the hoary branch by his song, melodious beyond the city noises. i forget to watch my step upon slippery salted streets and i fall deeper, further into the snowdrifts, outside the range of thaw.

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beans and curry and tomatoes

i got really tired of the many ways of cooking potatoes, and went for something more aggressive. this is what the result was: kidney beans in tomato-curry sauce serves: approximately 4 or very hungry 3, or not-so hungry 6  you will need: 2 tablespoons vegetable oil 2 5cm diameter or 1 10 cm diameter onion/s, […]

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well, it seems i have started drawing thought-pictures or feeling-pictures or those pictures where there is sth of  the other-ness. and this time i have as much clue as to whether that is good or bad as the last time. the change is in the air. have to think of that. meanwhile, here is one of […]

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Silmariliona – Ainulindalē

J. R. R. Tolkīns Silmariliona – Ainulindalē Ainuru mūzika (turpinājums) Tad runāja Ilūvatars, sacīdams: „Vareni ir ainuri, un Melkors starp viņiem tas varenākais; bet lai viņš un visi zinātu, ka es esmu Ilūvatars, tad visu, ko esat dziedājuši, es darīšu taustāmu, lai jūs redzētu savu darbu augļus. Un tev, Melkor, būs redzēt, ka nav tādas tēmas, […]

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Silmariliona – Ainulindalē

A fragment of an attempt to recreate the ainulindale in the latvian language (this is for and onto you, dear dormouse). comments and suggestions are welcome. J. R. R. Tolkīns Silmariliona – Ainulindalē Ainuru mūzika Un bija Eru, kas Viens, uz Ardas saukts Ilūvatars; un iesākumā viņš radīja ainurus, svētajus – tie dzima no viņa domām, […]

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the beginning

i remember this song from when i was just a beginner pilgrim. not that i have moved very far from there now. things have become…different since then. i have more knowledge and less courage. some of the translucence of the first steps has been lost. some steady peace has been gained. and yet – his […]

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