the past year at a glimpse

for the past two years i have tried the summary of the year – the first few sentences of the first post of the month. twelve fragments, twelve insights into how the year has been. so, here we go: January – some assorted pictures so, i thought, maybe i publish some pictures again. there is no […]

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floral disaster

now, here is a thing. in case you have some potted plants you want to do a genocide against, try this – send them to me to a death camp. whatever i try, whatever i do, the plants just keep dying on me. the heather died in september.

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some more dreams of language

so, i have got the wiedźmin books by Andrzej Sapkowski. in polish. and the audiobooks (polish), too. what i have been doing for the past days for a couple of hours a day, is this – read the books while listening to the audiobooks, and look up some of the most annoying unknown words in the […]

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twenty-four: the shepherds

i thought of that story of the angels and the shepherds, and coming to see the infant, and i thought of it thus: when you hear the angels inviting, do come and see him. because when we gain the knowledge of the good and evil, we lose the access to eternal life. that life can […]

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