i had a dream (purely linguistic)

so, i had a dream.

about a linguistic process that is called actualisation of meaning

in this process, from all the potential meanings of a word or phrase, depending on the context, only a few are actualised – become active and known.

so, the dream.

there were pieces of multi-layered cakes. there was a huge tower of ice-cream, also consisting of different strata of ice-cream.

and there was this guy, with a spoon, trying to find a layer of ice-cream that would best suit the piece of cake he had in hand. when he did find a layer, he’d chip off some cream, and the cake would disappear. then he’d take the next piece of cake, and seek another ice-cream match. and so on.

i never saw him eat either cake or ice-cream, and the descriptive audio in my head went on and on about cohesion, collocations, and semantic computability and whatnot.

i got up all dizzy from so much linguisticity. probably have read too much theory and thought too much.

how does one think less?

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