the urban myth about comparison

so, here is the myth: if one gets a headache, then the best cure is to break a finger: the headache will stop immediately. or be forgotten. or something like that. well, i have to say, from empiric, personal experience data – this does not work. i got the headache today in the morning. the […]

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the fewer of us, the more of family graves we inherit. the more of graves, the less time to our life. the less time, the more of running. the more of running, the more graves.

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when you try to turn a page on your coffee-mug, and take a sip from your e-reader; when you press a word on a paper book, and wonder why the inbuilt dictionary does not work; when you ask for a manual or communication protocols to talk to a friend; when you think of restarting your […]

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i had a dream (purely linguistic)

so, i had a dream. about a linguistic process that is called actualisation of meaning in this process, from all the potential meanings of a word or phrase, depending on the context, only a few are actualised – become active and known. so, the dream. there were pieces of multi-layered cakes. there was a huge tower of ice-cream, also […]

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a warped thought

the world must have gone terribly wrong somewhere, if all the visible identity majority of the individuals in the western culture can demonstrate, is labelling themselves according to their sexual preferences and activities. how .. one-ended the thinking.

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sacirsti ritmi

es klusēšu skaļi kā klusē lielgabali gadsimtu drupās. kā zāle aug, lēni, es iesakņošos starp ēnām, kur lapas trupēs. es elpošu akli kā nenoķerts zaglis nakšu krustcelēs. un kad es sabrukšu kopā ar maskām un ilūzijām, tu mani neatstāj, Tu mani neatstāj.

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a little experiment

there is something untranslatable about the latvian folk-song. so, mission impossible: translate one, so it makes sense. i’d value your input about whether it does or not. comments are open. 🙂 Teici, teici, valodiņa, Ko upīte burbulēja, Ko upīte burbulēja, Ko pogoja lakstīgal’! Kur upīte burbulēja, Tur uzplauka pumpuriņi: Kur ļautiņi klausījāsi, Tur valodas daudzināj’. […]

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epic again

so, this far: i have forgotten the mobile modem in riga. goodbye, internet communication. i clicked ‘do not save’ on a document i had been working on for six hours. goodbye, sanity (or is it reason?) i spent 3.5 hours travelling by coach, and listened to “Would It Kill You to Stop Doing That: A […]

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[и сказал Господь]  Для Меня все создания хороши и прекрасны. Все созданное Мной — любимо. (Ю.Никитин. Начало всех начал)

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when all else fails

pain remains. in its incapacitating, insane clarity, pain remains. and suddenly, there is no space for questions of why and what for, because there is only that which is. pain. it will pass, at some point, i know, this is only a bout, a fit, incomplete and unfinished, searing the edges of what i thought […]

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